Welcome to Blocks

Blocks = Library of reusable UI and code components that are used to solve a variety of design problems and to prevent inconsistent user experiences Design system for CBRE Build Toolbox + Documentation describing how products should look and feel, proper use cases for patterns, editorial and implementation guidelines, etc Docs + Shared approach, language, and communication between design, engineering, and product teams Talks


Product Principle (n.) – an accepted rule of action or conduct to guide the product process.

Our product principles are the glue that holds our products together. They apply to the way we approach product design and engineering and help guide individual and team decision making.

Ask for confirmation not creation

Never present a blank slate; do the heavy lifting and present a complete solution to the problem at hand.

Reduce the number of decisions someone has to make in order to complete a task.

Be an informed advisor.

Progress over perfection

Always keep iterating on products and features

Try new things, make mistakes, and learn from them.

“Fail fast" mentality/ "just do it"

Start conversations

Communicate to understand, not to impress. Talk like a human

Ask lots of questions and listen to the people behind the problems before thinking about solutions

Be proactive, not passive