Buttons perform actions, like saving, cancelling or sending, or call users to those actions. They should not be used for navigation (“Back” or “Home”), unless the button’s action has navigational implications (“Save and close”).

Examples & Guidelines

A screen can have lots of buttons, but only two of them can be the primary button style. The rest must be secondary. Up to three buttons can be grouped together in a row or columns, but only the last one in the group can be primary.

Text on button labels should be written in sentence case: capitalize only the first word and any proper nouns. Button text should always start with a verb that describes the button’s action, and should be no longer than three words.

Only use danger buttons for actions that are destructive, irreversible, or are otherwise scary. If your user could lose time or work, consider this button. Don’t use them as cancel buttons.

Text and Icons
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